Our Mission

Our mission is to use augmented reality and artificial intelligence to empower the industrial workforce to
see clearly, learn faster, and perform better.

Our entry point is industrial welding.


Welding is one of the most dangerous occupations due to the likelihood of workplace injury.

  • 21%

    Lack of safety

    Traditional helmets do not sufficiently protect the welders leading to 21% of industrial eye injuries to be from welding, including flash burns and loss of vision.

  • $30bn

    Industrial Loss

    Every year, welding-related industries lose $30bn due to inefficiencies caused by welders. Industries such as shipbuilding are losing an average of $17,000 annually per welder due to poor welding quality, rework and related delay costs.

  • 400k

    Shortage of Skilled Workforce

    A predicted shortage of welding workforce by 400K in the US by 2024 with a similar trend being observed across many industrial vocations.

Our Solution

Our patent-pending technology will provide welders with safety, clarity of welding view and tons of other benefits that traditional welding helmets cannot provide. Our technology provides a clear view during welding with augmented welding metrics, such as welding speed. During this process we will also collect data to train artificial intelligence for collaborative robots.

  • Safer
  • Clear View
  • Augmented Information
  • Real-time Inspection
  • Data Collection


  • Abi Ghafari
    MSc in Robotics
    Serial entrepreneur
    5+ years of experience in product design
    8+ registered patents and innovations
  • Debanga Raj Neog
    PhD in Computer Science
    8+ years of research in computer vision, Machine learning and VR/AR
    15+ international research publications
  • Hadi Ghafari
    Industrial designer
    10+ years of experience
    Focus on product design, medical device design
    Peer-reviewed journal and conference publications
  • Sivaranjani Jayaprakash
    Computer Vision Engineer
    MSc in Mechatronics Eng.
    5+ Experience in ROS, Computer Vision and Machine Learning
    Peer reviewed journal and conference publications